24 x 24

Well it's that time of year again! Last year, a little after my birthday, I resolved to complete 23 things by my 23rd birthday. Well my birthday is in two weeks and this year has flown, I learned a lot about what I wanted my 24x24 list to look like and here it is! The new list, 24x24! (Okay and can we take a second to talk about how I'm going to be 24 in a year!? Whoa.)

1. See a surgery
2. Cook my way through a cookbook
3. Eat a bakery item with bacon on it
4. Drink green beer
5. Celebrate every holiday, big time
6. Go on the brewery tours in Fort Collins, Colorado
7. Go to the Utah Festival of Colors
8. Make a kings cake
9. Go to Film on the Rocks
10. Watch Gone with the Wind
11. Go to Vermont
12. Visit a chocolate factory
13. Do a blindfolded meal
14. Write a note, put it in a bottle, send it out to sea
15. Ride a Greyhound bus
16. Play Bingo at a Bingo hall
17. Make macarons
18. Read 60 books
19. Successfully complete the Whole30 challenge
20. Do a polar plunge
21. Catch a fish (and then release the poor guy!)
22. Try 10 foods I thought I hated
23. Go camping
24. Go to a drive-in movie theater

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