23 x 23

With my recent graduation from college I have gotten caught up in the whole "grown-up" mindset of finding a place to live, a job and a grown-up life. In an effort to challenge myself to live a little I am going to try to accomplish 23 things before my 23rd birthday on May 21st, 2012. Keep checking back to see what I've checked off the list!

1. Read 50 books
2. Try 5 foods I thought I hated
3.  Try absinthe
4.  Eat raw for a month
5. Go tv-less for a month
6. Write a legitimate piece of fan mail.
7. Go to a haunted house (and not pee my pants)
8. Attend a football game at my high school
9. Run a(nother) 10k
10. Visit a winery
11. Spend no money (other than bills) for one month
12. Try a dance aerobics class (zumba or 24 hour fitness has a club beatz (I kid you not))
13. In reference to #10, stomp on grapes to help the wine making process (just doin' my part)
14. Go camping
15. Go on a blind date
16. Bake a cake.... from scratch
17. Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing (you know, the ones with the audience interaction)
18. Try Bubble Tea
19. Shoot off a fire extinguisher
20. Take a cooking class
21. See the Grand Canyon
22. Have my fortune told (While I don't believe an ounce of it, I still am curious!)
23. Attend a gallery opening.

Be sure to check out all the tabs to learn more about me, my clothes and also (a new tab!) the books I'm reading on my pursuit of 50 books. 

Also, I'll be tracking every single one of these things on my blog so stayed tuned for that too!