Tuesday, August 30, 2011

23x23: Have Fortune Told//Try Bubble Tea

When most people hear that I live in the Boulder area
there are a lot of assumptions made about my character. 
Things like: 
Do you shower? 
How many drugs to you do? 
And are you a hippie?
Frequently come up by out-of-towners
 So naturally, trying Boba tea and having out tarot cards read was not a daunting task. 

The tea was fine. Not great. I was not a huge fan of the Boba balls at all. 
I found them to be kind of nauseating. 
 But as the picture shows, I drank the whole thing with not a huge issue. 

Then came time for the tarot card reading. 
I am not afraid to admit that I was super freaked out. 
I am a firm believer that if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. 
And I had nightmares all week about having my fortune told. 
It isn't something that I subscribe to at all. I think that there is a plan set out for each of us and it shouldn't be messed with by fortune tellers.
Naturally this is my personal opinion and I realize that many people disagree with my religious/philosophical beliefs 

Throwing inhibition to the wind, I decided to have it told anyways.
If I don't believe what my fortune is, then why should it matter what the man said?
My tarot cards after my reading. 
I tried so hard not to give the psychic any cues that he could feed off of. 
Using my best poker face, the man was actually really interesting to listen to. 
Beyond a couple guesses about my astrological sign and my career goals, his reading was pretty vague. 
He said things like, "you're wound up too tight, you should just relax"
and "a lot has changed for you in the past five months"

It was a unique experience and one that I don't regret. 
While I don't believe that his tarot cards read into the depths of my soul, I think that he brought some interesting points up about things like, I do think too much, and a complete stranger could point that out to me. 

In the true spirit of sportsmanship, Rachel, also had her fortune told. 
She was much more forthcoming with facts about her and so her reading yielded much more results than mine did.

He was able to interact with her more and feed off of her to give her her reading. But we were both so worried that our fortunes were going to be negative that we were both worried to ask anything important. 
Love life? Job status*? Health? 
These were all subjects that I didn't want to discuss with the man. 

Rachel thought this picture accurately depicted her stress about hearing her fortune. 

Would I do it again? Absolutely not. I think that it was messing with something dark, which is not something I believe. 
I wanted the experience though, so many people believe that these readings can decide how your life goes, and I wanted to see if I could understand why they felt this way. 
Ultimately once I got past the fact that there was a stranger reading cards, I was able to have a little fun 
(He said that Rachel and I threw around great energy.... yeah)

*Rachel asked him for me when I would get a job.... the card he turned over: "ruin". Great. 

Have you ever had your fortune told? Would you? 

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