Swap & Shop

One thing I absolutely adore the blogging community is the fact that a blogger can post an outfit and in the same day you can find what they were wearing and buy it for yourself!

As everybody in the United States has been joining in on the "Swap" craze, Denver just hasn't had the event I've been waiting for. So, stealing the idea from Brittany, I have decided to dedicate a part of my blog to a "Swap & Shop" for other bloggers.

Here's the name of the game. I'll post pictures of clothes I don't want anymore and if you see something you like, let's make a deal! If it's a fair swap we'll just trade, if you don't want to swap anything we'll figure something out.

Deal? Deal. 

Urban Outiftters Dress, Size: M hits above knee

Urban outfitters Dress, SZ 4//Empire Waise hits above knee

Size: M, Urban Outfitters Dress, has a cutout in the back

Keep checking back, there will be plenty to come. And if you ever see anything you'd like, just shoot me an email! mackenzie.wear@gmail.com