Caution: Embarrassing photo's paired with from-the-heart-isms below:
Let's start at the beginning--
Too close to the beginning?
Okay moving on
I always had a knack for fashion. People would tell me I was on the cutting edge of the next style. 
Until one day when I went to college and fluorescent shirts were taken over by washed out jeans and sweatshirts (which regressed to what I wore when I was born) 
And with my freshman year of college came:
body image issues
freshman 15
more zits than I had ever seen
and I decided something had to change. 
I went from sweats to class to "You're dressed up" slowly but surely. And realized that if I loved what I was wearing my whole day felt better. 
(Even though when people tell me I'm dressed up I still feel weird). 
Though the change was a positive there are still days where I don't feel like a million bucks. But my clothes cannot be blamed for that. So that's a plus. 
And the truth is that I might always take embarrassing pictures of myself but if I'm happy then I'm the most fashionable girl in the world.