Friday, August 26, 2011

23x23: Try Five Foods I Thought I Hated//Baby Steps

Shotty phone picture of me eating seafood for the first time.
This goal of my 23x23 list was one of the easiest ones for me, but most difficult at the same time. We all know what foods we hate and we usually steer clear of them while searching for what we're going to eat. 
Well my buggaboo is "things from the sea". And it always has been. 
I can remember the last time I ate something from the sea. I was six. It was popcorn shrimp at the Red Lobster. 

Well our captain of our kickball team, the Codfather, owns a fish company here in Denver. We had our end of season kickball party and so we decided we should go and show our team spirit. The moral of the story is: the Codfather lived up to his name and brought seafood. 

Being a team player and succumbing to peer pressure that night I tried Scallops and Salmon. A one/two punch, no? This is where the story gets interesting. At the party the Codfather brought his roommate, instantly hitting it off, he and I bonded on his love of oysters and my love of rap.

A couple days later my roommate and the Codfather set up a date for us. Which I went on. The date? He cooked for me at their schwanky Denver apartment. What did he cook? Sea bass. Another mark off the list!

At this point I'm 3/5 of trying things I thought I hated. The verdict? I don't hate all things from the sea. 

What types of foods do you all hate? I'm looking for inspiration!

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