Saturday, August 27, 2011

23x23: Try Absinthe

This is a big one for me everybody. The whole start of the 23x23 was created because I saw "try absinthe" on somebody's own "list". 

I thought to myself, "huh, I've never tried it either" and thus, the 23x23 was created. 
I have never had a desire to "do" absinthe, (i.e. the green fairy, hallucinations, etc.)
I don't like feeling out of control of my own body. 

But trying for flavor, why not?
I had tried to try it one time about a year ago. There's this absinthe bar in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver and I coaxed my boyfriend at the time to go with me. 
When we got there we weren't being served and it was pitch black in the restaurant (maybe they had already done last call?)

Either way we just left, not trying the absinthe we went there for. 
Last night I was getting together with my friend for dinner and asked her if she'd be willing to try absinthe with me. 
Being the team player she is, she agreed. We went to an absinthe bar in Boulder and the same thing happened to me! No service. 
Being bound and determined to mark this off my list, we decided to go down to Denver and try the restaurant I knew of. 

When the bartender came he offered us his recommendation and brought out a big caraffe of water. Then two small glasses, a shot glass, weird spoon and sugar cube. 
Then he worked some magic, set the sugar on fire and instructed us to blow it out after it caramelized and then drip water on it until it was cloudy and as strong as we wanted it. 

Here's my first taste:

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Ha! It was terrible! It made me shiver just to watch my friend drink it. Luckily we finished it. 
We didn't want to!
My friend kept saying, "Prentend it's a $500.00 drink, we can't leave it!"
She was such a good sport and now we both know that we are not absinthe fans. 

Have you ever tried the drink? 

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