Tuesday, October 18, 2011

23x23: Take a Cooking Class//A Very Overdue Totally Tuesday

As I mentioned in the last post, I have done a couple of my list items since I've been absent. One of those things being: "Take a Cooking Class". 
Let it be known, I'm a terrible cook. Baking is my forte. I could whip you up a batch of the best cookies you've ever tasted, but ask me to sautee some onions and I crumble under the pressure. 
So taking a cooking class alongside a date: Kind of stressful. 
But he wanted to do something off my list (and how could I say no to that!?)

We took the gastronomique course over at Cook Street in Denver. Which I would highly recommend. 
The facility was gorgeous, staff was friendly and knowledgable. And this shy girl was able to master the art of cooking. 

This was one of those items on my list that I just wasn't sure if I'd do in the end. I'm the girl that always knows the answers in class and never speaks up, so taking a class where I'm completely out of my element was seriously daunting. 

But after a glass of wine and some down time while we kneaded out homemade noodles, I realized that this was exactly what the list was created for: to try things that I never would otherwise. 

Am I a master chef now? Absolutely not, but I have noticed I'm much more excited to cook food than I was before. Coincidence? I think not. 

Have you ever taken a cooking class? 

 {One: Katie at the aquarium}
{Two: Riding in a cart with a unicorn on during our weekly shopping trip}

{Four: Rachel playing with a puppy, eating whoppers (a childs dream)}

{Five: After the aquarium, I touched a stingray}

I've been looking for a suitable butternut squash recipe to use the squash we got in bulk at Costco earlier this week. Any suggestions? 

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