Sunday, March 11, 2012

23x23: Shoot off a Fire Extinguisher

If anybody isn't sure what my 23x23 project is, welcome to the party! With my birthday quickly approaching, I continuously return to my 23x23 list to see what I have left to do, what has been done and what just isn't going to get done (I know, so lame).

Here's a factoid: The boyfriend and I started dating in October (when our first date was a cooking class), since then, he's helped me knock off 4 things on my list. That's quite a bit considering I'm only turning 23 and he lives five hours away! He's amazing (I'm a huge fan of this guy).

Shooting a fire extinguisher is one of the items on my list that were on the list from the start. I had never done it and thought that I probably should once in my life (here I am assuming that I'll never start an ahem kitchen fire). It was one of those things that was going to be easy to complete, it was just a matter of getting it done. So today, we did it. We drove outside of city limits, created a tiny fire and watched me extinguish my own personal wildfire. Here's the story:

When we woke up Sean asked if I was ready to start a fire, so we drove to Walmart to buy a fire extinguisher (singing We Didn't Start the Fire, the entire time, mind you). And checking out we had:  an extinguisher, lighter, lighter fluid and gum. To which we laughed really hard and then prayed that I didn't get put on some sort of government watch for my purchase.

We drove WAY out of town and went off roading and once we reached the spot, Sean built me my own little fire and then let me go crazy. Our favorite part of the whole thing was our conversation around it:
Me "So like this" (While the flames we growing, maybe 10 seconds of burning)
Sean: "Yeah, just put it out" (super nervous)

Then there was a lot of jumping and high fiving because I'm a great firefighter. Seriously, if you ever want to go to something random and fun, I recommend this one time because it was exhilarating.

Then we went and Sean taught me how to shoot a gun for the first time.

Yeah, we had a nice little redneck Sunday.                                  

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