Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Totally Tuesday

Arghhhhhh! This didn't post! Dang it! Well happy Wednesday all!

How was everybody's labor day!? Fabulous I hope, for me I just took it easy, went on a long walk, ate some delicious food and called it a day.

I am thinking that I absolutely need these boots.

This weekend I finished my try 5 foods I thought I hated. The final two: Calamari and Boca Burgers. 
Here's what the calamari looked like:
The Boca burgers were underwhelming. I actually liked them!

Last night I was telling my friend about how I finished this goal and she said (in the saddest voice): 
'does this mean you aren't going to try any more new things?' 
Juries still out. 

In other news, this has been making my entire week. The song. The video. Everything. 

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