Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's In a {Gym} Bag?

I never win anything, guys. 
I'm always second place, and that's fine.
But when Lauren had a giveaway last month I had to at least try. 

And I bet you can guess, I won! And I got to pick out this little beaut as a result of my efforts. 

Now I have a lot of purses. Like too many. But what I don't have is a gym bag. 
This win seemed like the perfect thing to fill that void!

When I got it I was a little disappointed at first. The straps aren't great. 
And it was a little small. 
But when I took these pictures you can see how much it was holding. 
So I think I'm just being dramatic. 

Check it out:

{Top left going clockwise}: Loofa//Swatch Wrap Watch//Running Clothes//Burts Bees Shower Gel//Banana Republic Wildbloom Perfume//Bumble and Bumble Shampoo and Conditioner//Headband and barretes//Earphones//Combo lock//Face wash//Running shoes//carrying cases (for all the random stuff)
What do you use for a gym bag?

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