Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Scarf: European Vacay//Sweater: J.Crew Outlet//Jeggings: LOFT//Wellies: Hunter
 When I think about the direction I want this blog to go in, I'm overwhelmed with the possibilities of what should I be blogging about? Am I being true to myself? Do I actually like doing this? Why can't I know how to use x better (camera, photoshop, html)? 

And I get pretty bummed. Like any mother thinks of her child, I think this blog is the bees knees, but, oh I don't know it lacks something. 

Then I have to evaluate why I blog. 
Is it for: 

The whole reason I started blogging was because I wanted a place to document my outfits. And if I'm doing that, then isn't my blog successful? 
That whole little rant is to tell you that I joined the indieblogger conference this fall. 
I'm learning a lot more. 
Yesterday the blogged about finding an identity. 
Today, what kind of pictures show your identity on your blog. 

So with my blog layout and my pictures, I think my identity is....

So I'm going to work on that and hopefully you'll start to see more of my personality. 

In other news, it's freaking cold! Like 55 degrees right now. 
I. Am. In. Heaven. 

Welcome back fall. I love you. 

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