Monday, January 16, 2012

23x23: Visit a Winery

Okay, so let's get  the awkward reacquaintancing out of the way first. I know, I've been blowing off the blog. A lot, which, I want to talk about but not now, later perhaps. Life starts happening and the old blog, no matter how supportive it's been in my darkest times of need, took a backseat to friends, family, boyfriend and work. Life.

But after many of the closest people have asked me how I've been doing on my 23x23, I have to admit, I've been sucking it up. And with only 4 short months to go before my 23rd birthday, I am pressuring myself to finish this stuff up.

Which brings to me a shocking realization. When I wrote this list, I included "visit a winery". Which I had done. When I wrote the list. After I was 23. What was I thinking?!

So the moral of the story is, this is a quick tick off the old list. Cheating? Yes, probably. But I was 22 at the time and did something on the list. So for the sake of finishing something I started I bring this to you now:

Remember when I went to Europe for two weeks this past summer? Well, while we were in Austria, we did a bike and wine tour of the Wachau district of Austria.


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