Tuesday, September 13, 2011

23x23: Bake a Cake from Scratch

I consider myself a better baker than chef. Something about being able to 
mix a bunch of delicious fruits, chocolates and other confections and 
turn it into a delectable dessert really strike my fancy. 

I bake mostly cookies and so many of the desserts that can be made are a mystery to me. 
Enter the ever elusive cake. 

I am guilty of "baking" a cake by opening the box and calling myself 
a pastry chef. 
Which is why I had to make one from scratch. 
Just to say I've done it. 

What I made: lemon cake, with lemon curd cream cheese filling and lemon buttercream frosting. 
Yeah, I was feeling sassy. 

It took about three of us to produce this little beast and still
took about five hours. 

And I used all of those lemons. It was incredible. 
It was so rich, creamy and delightful. 

But after all the work, I kind of hated the cake, I wanted it out of my sight. 
So I had a tiny sliver and sent it away to multiple friends
that offered to take it off my hands. 

And in conclusion: Rachel with the curd dripping off her hands, since she was eating it 
in handfuls. 


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