Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Totally Tuesday

This past week was the one year anniversary of me being given the cat that makes up the other half of this blog (my better half some would say, others would call it "cat lady".... I prefer cat afficianado)

In other news I've finally gotten around to preparing a little taste of my european vacation....
very little. 
And if you get sick easily you might not want to watch it. 
But otherwise it's awesome. 
If you had forty spare minutes I would've uploaded the full length feature film 
that has been my baby for the past two months, but no, I would never do that to you all.
And by 90 seconds I mean 180..... 

Now if you would excuse me I have a huge heap of laundry to attend to. 

Happy Tuesday!

Untitled from kenzie wear on Vimeo.

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