Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Little Catch-Up

Hi All! Apologies for the absence as of late I have loads of excuses. First off, I basically got the plague that laid me up for a week in bed. They still don't know what I had but I went to the hospital twice and ended up having to take multiple medications to subdue the mystery disease. I think I'm on the mend now but it's hard to tell because if I go without antibiotics the symptoms start coming back. It hasn't been awesome.

After I got over my illness I spent all of last week in the mountains golfing with my mother and her friends. It was such a great time away and fall in the mountains cannot be beat!

Next week I am visiting Arizona to surprise my grandparents for the week. I am super excited about the trip and also the golfing with my grandpa. 

I got a six-month nannying position! (While I was sick!) That I'm starting later this month and I'm pumped about the family, position and everything. I'm going to be moving when I get back from Arizona. 

I have decided to do a Fall edition of the skirt challenge.  I had the best intentions of doing a dress challenge this summer/winter but life happened and outfit pictures did not. I'm excited to see how I will restyle/remix the old skirts from the spring as well as the skirts I acquired through the summer. I'm going to start this soon but please forgive the intermittent and different posting schedule since I'll be traveling, adapting to a new job and unable to wear skirts when nannying a baby everyday. 

PHEW! That's a lot to catch up on! Now it's your turn, what have you been up to!?

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