Monday, October 3, 2011

Totally Tuesday

Hi All! I know I have been super absent but trust me, it will get better. Thursday I move into my new apartment and Monday I start my new nannying job. I cannot wait for a little more consistency in my life! With the little break I have this evening, the cat and I are sitting on the bed and watching the best songs of the 00's. It's so great.

Okay moving forward, this is going to be a longer post to make up for the crap blogging I've been doing as of late....

{One: My new totally sweet maroon skinny cords//Two: Hanging out in the hot tub}

{Three: Beauregard hanging out on the bed//Four: It's nearly cold enough to drink lots and lots of tea! Too bad I'm a tea snob and have to steep long enough before adding the cream}

{Five: Saw this in a magazine at my grandma's house.... think it'd be easy to recreate?//Six: Ha, my Grandpa, Dad and Uncle in '78, nice daisy dukes, guys}

{Seven: My grandma gave me copious kitty things to add to my collection//Eight: I decided for a little hair change}

{Nine: Went to the museum to see the dinosaurs today}

{Ten: Work it, Katie}
Moving forward.... 

I cannot stop watching and laughing at this (and definitely need it for this weekend). 
I am in love with these (and cannot believe I first saw them in the Delias catalog)
Have you been to this website? I am so getting my new phone case from here, when I get one!
I made it a September goal to journal once a day and starting October I successfully completely 24 of the 30 days! I would love to get these journals to write in...

AND in conclusion, I am sososososo sorry for lacking replies to emails, blogposts, commenting and general presentness, I promise it'll get better. 

Happy Tuesday!

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