Monday, May 2, 2011


This outfit screams something along the lines of:
Chic Architect
Couldn't you see this outfit on the site of a totally incredible house being built?

Skirt and Coat: J.Crew/Belt: Ruche/Shirt:Gap/Shoes: Steve Madden
I had an interview today at a lighting showroom for a management position. 
I wore this. 
And then I ran into a light. 
All and all I'd say a successful day. 

Sorry for the break this weekend, no joke, 
I spent the whole time sitting in my bed watching Sex and the City.

All and all, I'd say a successful weekend 


  1. I watched Sex and the City 2 this weekend. It was awful. The TV show is so much better.

    Cute outfit! I'm on the hunt for a shirt exactly like that.

    Um, you hit a light? Like, with your car? Glad you're okay!

  2. Oh gosh no, the interview was at a light gallery and I was walking towards the interviewer and didn't see a light hanging above me.

  3. I love the "chic architect" look. That skirt is such a great print! And running into a light totally sounds like something I would do :)

  4. kenzie, i just happened upon your blog and saw this skirt - i'm in love with it! i think this is a perfect outfit! hope you get the job :)