Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally Tuesday

Can we talk about how it is the ninth of AUGUST!? That is ridiculous. For the first time in my life I am not going back to school. The school supplies are calling to me from the aisles of target, Ikea is begging me to decorate my dorm room and the school buses are waiting for me outside, and I have to reject it all. Because apparently I'm an adult now. Which is kind of depressing when I could be buying new fall clothes but instead I have to be looking for a job. Yuck. 

I'm sorry for the lack of outfit posts as of late, I would tell you that you've been missing out but really unless I'm interviewing I'm wearing shorts and my kickball t-shirt. So hopefully that'll change soon. 

 (Left):Did you know that I like Bikrams? I have for awhile and whenever I feel like I've fallen off a workout schedule I always go back to Bikrams. When Rachel (center photo) and I were discussing this the other day, she told me she wanted to start going with me. That's love. 
(Center): This is Rachel. Stealing cake from another table. No shame. 
(Right): Rachel told me one day that she went to dinner and began to appreciate how close we were because we never run out of things to talk about (seriously, we'd lived together a year and still haven't gotten enough of each other). I took these pictures to send to here and captioned them: looking at thinking of your cards. 

 (Left): How to organize a barbecue at my house. Now you know. 
(Center): Pirates exhibit advertisement, I wish it was acceptable for me to look like this....
(Right): I am famous around my friends for doing a dino arm.... this is dino arm Snow White Style. 

How delicious do these look!? I haven't had chocolate (or Rolo's) in a long time.... thinking about possibly bending that rule....

I would maybe go camping if this is what it looked like.

I don't care that summer is almost over, I am so ready for this shirt to be on sale! 

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