Friday, May 18, 2012

One Year Later

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Two days ago marks the one year anniversary since I thought my world was ending. You guys, I got dumped. Like shockingly hard dumped. While planning to move to Oklahoma and get married, I got dumped faster than you can say Jack Sprat. I was devastated, but after a year of reflecting, I wasn't sad the relationship was over, I was scared of starting to live my life without this constant by my side. We rarely stopped fighting, we didn't agree on much, we harbored huge amounts of jealousy, and still had some growing up to do (okay, he had a lot of growing up to do). I could sit here and outline everything we did wrong in the relationship and to each other, but it's really no use. The relationship is over, and I could not be happier. When I sit and wonder what I thought my life would look like a year from May 16, 2011, I had no idea that my life could be this complete or fulfilled. I have met the man of dreams, started getting my Masters (for me, not for anybody else), I am working, and while I feel like there are certain things that my life lacks, it is for certain not the boy that left me broken hearted right before my birthday.

In the past year a lot of my favorite bloggers have gone through the same thing I did, and together we created a small network of people that were trying to make sense of the emotional devastation that accompanies a break up of this caliber. What I would say is that of those girls, we all started doing things (big things) for ourselves. Sure we had to mourn the loss, but then we all grabbed life by the horns and we've flourished in our own rights. For anybody that has gone through a break up, or going through one currently, just know it will get better and better and better. I don't like to be preachy but: Nothing that has every happened to you hasn't passed through God's hands first. And even a break up is in his plans and he has somebody SO much better for you in mind.

With all of the breakthrough I leave you with the new and improved blog: Bean and Bear. Terms of endearment used between my new boyfriend and I, this blog is going to become more about our life, less about me, clothes and my cat. If I learned anything in the past year it's: enjoy life, don't pretend to have one for the blog and all will be alight!

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