Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When I get ready in the morning I like to reflect my surroundings: floral skirts and pinks in spring (long underwear and thermal in the winter). I often avoided a lot of bright colors because I could feel people staring, but then I remember that they are wearing jeans and a t-shirt and feel better about the effort I put into my getting ready.
Skirt: J.Crew Outlet Shirt: Gap Jacket: Loft Shoes: Stever Madden Sunglasses: Armani Exchange

One day I'll be staring at bight clothes while I'm wearing denim that comes up to my armpits and no style for miles but until I'll continue strutting my stuff on the sidewalk.

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  1. Cute outfit! I love your hair! I want to go shorter but i'm scared... Yours gives me courage though!