Saturday, May 7, 2011

Deviance and Distress

I'm a sucker for alliterations. Also, I needed a skirt break. The skirts started coming out of the woodwork and I was stressed by the amount of skirts I had to wear. Last night, the bf was like, "Are we done!?", when I told him no, he ordered another drink. It's stressing us out. And last night was date night, no place for stress (or skirts). 

Skirt and Purse: Thrifted//Shoes: Jeffery Campbell//Necklace: World Market
 So if you could kindly forgive this minor deviation, I'll be back on the skirts tomorrow (today I'm wearing the comfiest new sweats I got in the mail yesterday and kindly don't judge that I spent that much on sweats)

Otherwise can we talk Maxis for a second? When I wear them I feel like a whale! Is this just me? Even editing these pictures I said, "you just aren't made for maxi dresses? Are there trends you feel like you don't pull off well? 

Happy Saturday all, I have to go study for finals now. Blech. 


  1. You do not look like a whale, and though I love maxi dresses and skirts I do feel rather conspicuous and like I take up a lot of space in them. All the fabric I guess. I, for one, think you can definitely pull off this trend. :)

  2. haha i definitely don't think you look like a whale! but i can understand the awkwardness. it's like being completely enveloped in a bed sheet. not always the most form-flattering. but definitely comfy! <3

  3. You silly girl I think you look gorgeous in this maxi--and this color is so pretty on you! And I think everyone will forgive your skirt break. Everyone needs a break every once in a while!

  4. Shut up you look awesome! I know EXACTLY how you feel though. It just feels like... so... much... fabric. Wanted to let you know, I revamped "Visa" a bit and added you to my blogroll. Thanks for all your support! XOXO

  5. That's so nice! Thank you! You're one of my favorite reads too!