Sunday, May 8, 2011


I could write novels about how much I love my mom. She's my best friend, advisor and listener. And so, I am thankful for today because it's just another day that I can tell her how awesome she is. This year has been hard for my mom (and family), in January she was in a pretty bad skiing accident and was rushed to emergency surgery on her leg.
My brother's hilarious interpretation of exactly where she fell (and what she looked like)

2 plates, 8 screws and 6 hours of surgery later, she came out slightly worse for wear.

It has been 18 weeks since her accident and I still remember when my dad called me from the base of the mountain he tried to stay so calm telling me what had happened. He finished the conversation with
 "We're going to head into surgery in about an hour" to which I replied, "I'm coming up". He insisted it wasn't necessary but then said your mom needs to talk to you.
Many weeks after that day she told me that when she talked to me was the only time she allowed herself to cry that entire day. On average my drive up to our cabin takes about an hour and a half and on that Friday night I made it up in 45 minutes and was able to wish her well into surgery.

So what's the point of this uplifting mother's day post? Well, this year my mom actually had to let us help her, for once she couldn't take care of us and I am so thankful that we got to show her that all those times she'd pick us up from school sick, come to our games and do all the mommy-stuff perfect, that we could show her how much we love her.

She even went on a cruise with me, while still in her wheelchair. 

I know that these past 18 weeks have been painful for her (she still can't walk, which is the worst part of it all) and I know that the next 18 aren't going to be great but this mother's day is going to be all about her and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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