Sunday, May 8, 2011

For Shame/Check-In

I have been doing this skirt project for about 15 days now and I can safely say that I actually kind of adore this project. The thing of it is, I am able to wear whatever I want, as long as I'm wearing a skirt. There's a lot of freedom to that. Also, I have finding that those skirts I had to have, are the ones that I like the least. I have consolidated my skirts exponentially already, and I'm only half way through.

However, I was looking through my Flickr page and figured out I forgot to add some skirts to the count when I started this whole thing. So I added the missing skirts and unfortunately had to take one out of the running because I let a friend borrow it and won't be getting it back. This means that I'll have to donate it since it isn't a contender in the challenge. This means that I have 16 skirts remaining in the challenge, the whole math thing isn't adding up but I just counted the skirts I have left hanging and it was 16, so I'm going to go with that.

If you're interested in seeing the progress or remaining skirts, jump on over to my Flickr and see what's happening!

Also I am thinking about offering to sell the skirts that are in the donate pile, I was thinking $5/skirt (+$5 shipping, $10 for a new skirt), what would you all think of that? I will post more info as it gets closer but I thought I would put the offer on the table.

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  1. I really like this whole skirt project. A lot. And I'm thinking about copying you, except doing tops instead. Because I have SO MANY, and having to move them all from one apartment to another has really made me realize that I need to get rid of some.