Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Skirt: J.Crew//Shoes: Kohls//Tights: DKNY//Jacket: Billabong//Shirt: Urban Outfitters//Necklace: Bellehibou

Has anybody heard of Heartsy?
Other than it being the bane of my financial exsitence, it is also like Groupon for Etsy. 
The best part? 
The jewelry they put on sale on this little groupon-money-stealing-fun-n-crafty website
is to die for....or at least swoon over
I got the necklace (plus another one) I'm wearing today for a mere $12! 
You can't beat prices for that (trust me, I've tried)

Isn't this necklace to die for?
(I know it doesn't match my outfit above but I forgot to take a close up when I wore it this morning, now I'm in my grungy clothes).

So pop on over to Heartsy, if you have some money you're looking to spend, otherwise, steer clear. 
Don't say I didn't warn you.

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