Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost in the Abyss of the Internet

I have an issue here, I already posted this post. And it was witty. It was perfect. But low and behold, it didn't upload, so now you'll just have to look at the pictures, no wit, no perfection. Just pictures.

Skirt Eighteen, Thirteen to go.
I wore this outfit to a Rockies game.... The irony is that I don't really have a loyalty to a team, I usually cheer for whoever is getting booed, out of sheer sadness for them. 
Skirt and Striped Tank: J.Crew//Black Tank: Urban Outfitters//Jacket: Loft//Shoes: Zumiez//Purse: Thirfted
I'm sorry for the absenteeism this week, my internet has been down, and finals were happening, but I'm making a comeback. 


  1. you look cute! i love your outfit.

  2. Классные фотографии=)