Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confidence is Key

Wellies; Hunter//Trench and Skirt: Banana Republic//Scarf: Kohls//
Umbrella: Thrifted/Vintage//Sweater: Loft//Belt: J.Crew

For most of the week it has been super rainy around these parts. Admittedly I curled up into my hole and didn't want to come out because of the overcast. 

I am a little disappointed in myself for this reaction: I adore the rain, and it gives me a logical reason to own Wellies. 

Also, last summer I went to an estate sale and found this incredible umbrella. It was like a dollar, and while it can protect me from the rain, it can, more importantly, protect me. Look at the size of the tip of the umbrella!

Otherwise, I'm trying out a new lipstick, it's bright bright pink! And I realized, it takes a confident woman to wear lipstick, I want that to be me. 
Like a proud momma I am ecstatic to announce that Brittany over at No Two Fish are Alike has instated her own challenge for the summer!

Pop on over there to see the awesomeness that she has going on!


  1. You look adorable on this rainy day!! I love your wellies, and that umbrella was an incredible find!

  2. LOVE the lipstick. You totally rock it.

  3. Hi, you look great and your Wellies are so stylish and practical.

  4. What an awesome umbrella! I feel you on the bright lipstick, I bought a bright red and have been trying to make myself wear it. Every time I put it on I just remind myself to own it—and you definitely are!

  5. I have a question for you about Hunter Boots. They are one of those things (shocking, because there aren't many) that i actually HAVEN'T impulsively bought because I wasn't sure if they are worth the price... are they?