Sunday, May 15, 2011


Shirt: J.Crew//Skirt: Thrifted//Coat: Loft//Shoes: Nordstrom//Necklace: Urban Outfitters

This outfit's monochromatic-ness may or may not be a little bit boring. 
I had no idea how to wear this skirt, what to pair it with and plus, 
it feels like my grandmother's drapes
(okay not my grandmother's because one lives in Arizona and the other on a ranch in Texas, neither of which would be caught dead with window treatments like an upstate New Yorker). 

It has been unreasonably rainy the past few days and while I am guilty of sitting inside for most of it, I can't help appreciate how beautiful the weather is. 
So like a devout blogger I threw on my raincoat to capture these pictures.
(what this really means is: I didn't know it was cold, it was too late to put on a different outfit. The boyfriend said I needed to "toughen up" and bring an umbrella. Then I made him take pictures undercover) 
That's right, just a "devout blogger". 

On a more serious note: I am so happy to see all the bloggers posting about their graduations, unfortunately I have three more credits left before I can graduate so I am not allowed to walk with my college today. While it's very sad, my family and friends are trying to convince me it's okay things like "You know, it's kind of rockstar to do college and then not walk". 
Thanks dad. 

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