Friday, June 17, 2011

15 Days....

It's been fifteen whole days since my last post! And boy oh boy so much has happened! I know that it is not being a good blogger friend by only checking in every 15 days but admittedly sometimes life does start happening and the posting goes by the wayside. Summertime is my ultimate busiest time of the year, it feels like all of the lost connections that happen throughout the school year all coming crashing in during the summer. All of the sudden nights are filled with rooftop dinners and days are filled with looking for a job. Yuck.

So I thought for today I'd post some pictures of what's been going on in my life lately. Tomorrow (or, let's be real, maybe Saturday) I'll post my very much delayed wrap-up of the skirt challenge. Next week is insane for me because I am leaving on two very exciting vacays in the next week but my hope is to post still and hopefully post on my vacays!

The past weekend my parents held a little soiree to honor my graduation for college. The week before (and couple days after) I spent time at our family cabin in Breckenridge. It was so relaxing to spend time with my closest friends and be able to actually read for fun. I forget how liberating it truly is. 

My dad and I went for a hike on my second trip and it was so wonderful to have a daddy-daughter date, because we so rarely get to to it. 

This is Beauregard. Remember him? He's getting so big now. And also the beautiful view from our cabin. 

I made these amazing almonds with a mix I bought up in Breckenridge. I brought them down for my roommate to enjoy. These particular almonds were enjoyed pre-kickball. (Did I mention that all my friends and I created a kickball team? We've played two games so far. The first game I fell on my face. The second I pulled my quad. I'm pathetic). 

This is a dinosaur puzzle I got for graduation. Isn't it incredible? Have I ever expressed my insane love of dinosaurs to you all? 

I had a second job interview the other day. Originally I planned on a blue gingham buttondown and black pencil skirt but settled on this brown dress. I felt okay about the outfit. The interview.... Only time will tell. 

Also look how behind I am on reading my blogs!! I've been playing catch up for three days now and I'm only half way through the list. All in due time though. 

Finally my roommate and I go to Snooze every morning for breakfast. Snooze is the incredible breakfast gem we have and we wake up at 7 a.m., go in our p.j.'s and chit chat all morning (okay like 2 hours) about our lives. Their cups are so great, it feels like you're sitting in your own kitchen. 

Also on Wednesday we went to see Mumford and Sons. It was incredible. That's it. Nothing more. 

Again, I am so sorry for being a flighty bloggy friend. I think, if truth be told, I am still pretty scorn over my break-up. I have kind of fallen into a rut that doesn't remind me of what has happened. Everyday is easier (now if only the nightmares would end)....

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