Saturday, June 18, 2011

Skirt Challenge Wrap-Up

Two months (and one day) ago I made a proclamation to wear every single one of my skirts (all thirty-somethin' of them). It was fun, but, it was hard. I found that through wearing skirts every single day, I wanted to buy more! I found that I started to like skirts more than dresses (the horror!) and I would say to myself, with an arm full of new skirts to buy, but I have SOO many ways to wear these, that I can't do with my old and other skirts.

So I crumbled. I bought some, returned some, donated some (of the news ones, see I told you I had a problem). And in the end I didn't wear all of the skirts I already owned (but more on that later).

The Fav's.

(111415,18, 2326)

What did I learn here? Too many days of wearing my denim jacket. Well nobody's perfect. Moving on....

Finding a Better Home. 


I'm not going to link these up, I'm sorry I guess I'm lazy. But I did want to talk about the last skirt. Regardless of it being on my favorites list, it just was too short. I felt like I was wearing booty shorts all day long. And that's just unacceptable.

At the beginning of this project I vowed that every skirt that wasn't worn would be donated. And I've held that promise for about 97% of the skirts. There are a few that I cannot part with simply because I might have a grown up job one day that requires me to wear them (i.e. they're office appropriate). Otherwise this experience has been extremely cleansing for me (literally and figuratively), everyday I felt excited to wear something new rather than dread wearing jeans again. It pushed me to be creative (ignore all the jean jackets when I say this) and it really gave me an opportunity to wear all of my skirts and really see which ones I actually loved and others that I thought I loved.

The Future.
So what's next over at the WKWW homefront? I have something up my sleeve, and I'm trying to figure out how to do it with my impending trips. More on that later. But my final words to everybody out there with a closet full of unworn-but-I-loved-it-when-I-bought-it-items: I definitely have grown attached to some of the items in my closet, but I won't wear them. And what I would say it force yourself to wear these things, and see if you really love them. It is what I would liken to losing a lot of weight, you put something on and it's no longer perfect (either you've grown in your fashion or the piece has grown out of your love) and you get to donate it to somebody that will give it love. And what's better than that?

And in conclusion.... I want to thank every single person that encouraged me during this journey. It truly was an experience and one that I am so thankful I pushed myself to do. While I didn't  finish my challenge I feel that the progress that was made was exponential and also, I cannot wait until, like, the fall to try this again with the skirts. See if the withstand the test of time!

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