Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Night Street Fair

Skirt: Anthropologie// Shirt: J.Crew Outlet//Necklace: Jess LC//Shoes: Steve Madden
 So remember yesterday when I told you about my interview? Well I've been called back for the third and final interview on Tuesday! I am so excited, I am basically in love with the position and the office/company. So I may or may not be posting potential interview outfits but I wanted to know what your recommendations were? The men in the office wear suits so that gives you an idea of the dress code... I'm thinking shift dress and blazer. Or pencil skirt and button down. What do you think?
Moving on.... For graduation I got some money and I am in a real conundrum with what I should do with it. Save it (probably), spend it? (most likely). I fell in love with a bike yesterday and I am having a hard time not pulling the trigger. On one hand I'm like "you just finished a major thing and you deserve to buy yourself a present" (but that's what I said with my iphone, new outfits and vacay). 

On the other hand I'm like "you don't have a job, bills and a trip that you could use the money towards". Is this what being college educated means? Logical thinking? If this is it, I want my money and four years back, I used to be awesome at being reckless. 

I bet you are wondering what the title has to do with anything at the point. Well in my parents little town they have a Friday night street fair during the summer. They bring in bands and the whole mainstreet opens up and tables flood into the street from the various restaurants and it truly becomes a community. Well last night one of my very best and oldest friends was in town and we decided to grab a bite downtown. Well we forgot it was the street fair. I coaxed her into riding my parents tandem bike with me downtown, in front of all the people, in this skirt. 

Remember the aforementioned logical thinking comment? Forget it, because I do not know what I was thinking. Oh wait I do... I thought, I'll be the cute girl on a bike in a skirt. I'm here to tell ya people, it wasn't cute. 

Luckily we only ran into a few people that we knew and everybody else just got a free show of two girls on a tandem bike with skirts flying everywhere. 

This is how I wore this skirt during the skirt challenge. As we can see, I'm very into the gingham look but I think I like how I wore it last night better. What do you think?

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