Monday, June 20, 2011

Something Old

Dress, Scarf and Bag: Urban Outfitters//Boots: Justin's via Thrifting
 One of my ultimately guiltiest pleasures is country music. 
I went through a phase at one point in my life that I actually identified with how real country lyrics were. 
Not just literal, but I totally understood what the musicians were saying. 
This is why I didn't feel guilty the day I found and purchased these cowboy boots. 
I saw them and said, "those look like they've been worn around (which would make me look more legitimate than I am) and they look like real leather". 
And for $20, they made all my dreams come true. 

After I got them, I was informed they were Justin's. 
I didn't get it. So I googled them. 
And low and behold, they were legitimate boots. My keen shopping senses were stronger than my desire to be a cowgirl. 

And that's when I realized the only frontiers I would be wranglin' were season-end sales and thrifting. 

Regardless, this is a typical summer outfit for me. Dresses and boots. I love it. And I got this dress my senior year of high school and still wear it, I think it might have been the dress that kickstarted my love of fashion. Fancy that, a simple, gray, cotton dress sparked a movement. 

So I don't care if I ever go to a square dance, I will always have these boots to prove that I am a legitimate cowgirl. 

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