Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boxed Wine and Other Classy Ramblings

Shirt: Levi//Coat: Abercrombie and Fitch//Trousers: Loft//
Shoes: Banana Republic//Bow: Anthropologie// Bag: Macy's//Necklace: Jess LC
Some friends and I had a little get together this evening to share a glass of wine and eat some dinner. 
I went to my local liquor store and realized it was economically irresponsible for me to buy 2 bottles. 
So I grabbed a box. A bota box. 
 My roommate was skeptic with my choice. Then in line to pay I listed her a plethora of reasons why we needed the box of wine:

"There are three bottles in one box! The box is recyclable. There is going to be 5 of us so we can have a glass of wine and then save the rest for next week. There's a handle! Ellen Degeneres likes boxed wine". 

My roommate just stared at me and then replied, "you must really love boxed wine". 
I just love a good deal. 

Then the cashier id'ed us both and asked "are you two together?"

I replied, "yes" paused and then said, "well not together, together"

I feel like if that conversation isn't an indication of how close my roommate and I are, I just don't know what is. 

 And in conclusion, this is what you get when my roommate get's all "poppa-paparazzi" on my outfit pictures. 

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