Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

True story: I am not a list maker. 
I find it repulsive. 
But for this little vacay I am embarking on, I found I needed to make a list of my daily wearables. 

This past weekend I spent in Arizona at a family wedding. Today I returned to Colorado to do some laundry and in the morning I leave for my trip. 

As you can see from the notecard above I have made serious effort to bring minimal shoes. 
So I could bring maximum dresses. 

 Otherwise, that's all I have to offer for my packing post!
I'm shamelessly adding a picture of my cat to this packing experience because let's face it, he never makes it on the blog and there's nothing more adorable than my cat on my silk anthro skirt.... not....

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