Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Post: Lindsey from Ruby Girl

Hey there ladies & gents ( ...?). I'm Lindsey, from Ruby Girl. Don't worry, you have not arrived at the wrong blog. There is no strange website technical problem. I'm subbing in for our beloved luckypants Kenzie as she trots about Europe on vaca. She was sweet enough to ask me to guest post. Kenzie came up with a super cute theme for her guest post-ers this week, to feature outfits that we would wear to typical summer activities. Hopefully this little bugger can tide you over while we all wait with baited breath for the return of Kenz's classy, trendy, yet wearable ensembles.

First up. The Bridal/Baby Shower. We've all been there. We're staring in our closets thinking, "Well I want to look darn cute, but not too darn cute that I outshine the Bride/mommy-to-be". Right? Quite the conundrum. I tend to settle on a light daydress and simple, but punchy accessories.

Next up. The grill-out. Significantly more casual than the previous event. And it's all about sneaking style into a relaxed and comfy outfit. Couple ways of going about this: non-heeled shoes, hair up, and loosely fitting apparel (who wants to have to say no to an extra hot dog for fear of our little tum tum sticking out?). 


Isn't she seriously awesome!? I started following her before she dyed her hair blond so it's almost like I get two great bloggers for the price of one! Also she's like ultra, super sweet. Head on over and give her a hello. She won't bite, just tell her Kenzie sent you!

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