Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bikini's and Snuggies

I went to the Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy game the a week or so ago because I love soccer. 
Okay that's a lie. 
I went to go see David Beckham. I'm that much of a creeper. 
Don't worry he didn't show. 
Shirt: J.Crew Outlet//Shorts: American Eagle//Shoes: Steve Madden//Bag: Urban Outfitters//Necklace via:  bellehibou
 Weather this season has been extremely unpredictable here in Colorado which has made it difficult to get dressed for well-- anything. And this was the first Rapids game I had ever been to. What to wear, what to wear? 
I would consider this one of my summer uniforms. During the summertime I usually do a lot of sporting events because it's warm and I like to get a tan.... Man I sound soooooo superficial (insert most annoying voice you can here).
 Well the moral of this story is that I like to be comfy at sporting events and this spring/summer has been so unpredictable I would be better suited in a bikini and snuggie than anything else (how's that for a mental image?!)
I hope you all have enjoyed the guest posters that have been so wonderful to help out my blog while I've been gone! They are all so wonderful and I've loved sharing my favorite blogs with everybody!

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