Thursday, July 14, 2011

Returned and Rejuvenated

Bonjour! Gutentag! Bonjourno! Hi! Oh boy, oh boy, I've missed you guys! I returned from my trip on Tuesday night and I have spent the past day or so trying to process through everything that happened, is happening and will happen in the near future. How's that for vague? I have loads of pictures to show you all from my travels, stories, outfits.... and maybe even a movie!? Also, I have loads of things planned for this little blog over the next couple weeks. So stay tuned.

This trip was exactly what I needed to help me celebrate and relax after four years of work. I will leave you with one teensy picture for now and will start working on the huge load of pictures I want to post here!

Also, I wanted to post this song while I was abroad but trying to do anything blog related on my ipad was too much work on how little sleep I was functioning on. This is my current obsession and I invite you to get really into him too....

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