Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy Shadows

Welcome to the first of the outfit posts from my vacation! This outfit is what I pulled out of my suitcase when we arrived in Paris. My friend I went with, Taylor, and myself realized how tired we were when we arrived when we went to a cafe down the street from our hotel and realized how overwhelmed we really were. We panicked about ordering, seating ourselves, etc. that we ended up just leaving after only ordering our drinks (we didn't eat until way later that night!). 
Shirt: Gap $7//Pants (Last Season): Gap $59//Shoes: Steve Madden  $26/
/Sunglasses: Ray Ban $139//Necklace: Jess LC $58//Purse: Urban Outfitters $68
 I realize that this is one of the only times I've worn pants on the blog and I wanted to stop and talk about that for a second. I used to be a pants girl through and through (in specific jeans) and when I decided that I would start caring more about what I wore I got to a place where I was forcing myself to not wear jeans and become more comfortable in dresses and skirts. 

Wearing pants now is stifling and I kind of hate it because of how it makes me feel about my body. 
But that's neither here nor there.
Another story for another day. 
We took these at dusk right by our hotel which was also right by the Moulin Rouge, which can say a lot about the neighborhood we stayed in. 

It was a little, uh, sexy to say the least. 

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