Saturday, July 16, 2011

Serious Ramblin'

Okay, so it's not that serious, but I feel like I needed some sort of special title for a post that didn't revolve around pictures of me (don't worry it still revolves around me.... just another part of my life).

I've had a Pinterest for awhile and I found that I mainly used it for a method of tracking outfits that I wanted to try. Literally I used it as a virtual inspiration board (I'm like their dream subscriber). Okay so here comes the digression:

Before I graduated from college I began an long interview process with a company in Denver. Now, hear me out, I have no idea what I want to do with my life but this job was really appealing for about a million reasons and so I worked my little bumbum off to interview with them. I made it past the first interview, then the second and I had one interview left. The recruiters said things like, "You're very impressive, I would be surprised if you weren't hired,  you can look forward to a job offer on July 2nd and finally:

There were 360 applicants and you're 1 of 14 to fill the 10 open spots".

Needless to say, I got pretty cocky but I tried to stay humble. I mean, I really tried.

The moral of the story is predictable: I didn't get the job. 

I'm serious when I say this: I'm really okay with it. I mean the job was in insurance and I was most excited about being able to get a schwanky apartment in Denver and having a salary in which I could tell people I was a grown up. Since I have no job I have had to move back in with my parents. And trust me when I say this, I love them to death but I am ready to move out and start my grown up life again. But, I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

But whoa, what does this have to do with Pinterest? Since I've moved home, I have unconsciously started pinning home decor things which is what I wanted to show you:
                                                                       Source: None via Kenzie on Pinterest

                                                         Source: via Kenzie on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: via Kenzie on Pinterest

                                                          Source: via Kenzie on Pinterest

See a theme here? I want to buy new living room furniture, and then load it up with some perfectly matching frames with art shots (I've already picked the art and by picked I mean bought). 

This post is by now means a pity party, I am so lucky to have parents that will allow me to come home while I look for work but I am motivated to move out and be the grown up I hope and dream I can be. 

And to completely make this post a fruit salad of emotion let's be friends on Pinterest so I can creep on you and then repin everything I love. (Just in case you weren't sure of my intentions of asking for your friendship on Pinterest....). 

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