Monday, July 18, 2011

Last Words

Dress: Anthropologie $78//Belt: Levi, Thrifted $11//Shoes: J.Crew $35//Sunglasses: Ray Ban $139//Necklace: Jess LC $58
Here's a factoid about me, when ever I make a profound statement, I follow-up with something really impartial. 
For example: 
While I was in Munich we were taking a train to Vienna. We weren't sure if the train we got on was going to take us to Vienna or Budapest. 
My friend was kind of freaking out about the prospect of not knowing where we were going. 
I told her "we might be going to Budapest but we don't have a hotel there.... 
So we might want to figure that out". 

These pictures were taken at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. The cemetery is most famous for housing Jim Morrison's gravestone. However that day I went to go see one of my ultimate favorite authors: Oscar Wilde. 

Part of the tradition of Oscar's gravestone is that you kiss it with bright lipstick. 
Kind of disgusting, mixed with kind of awesome. 
So I wore my brightest lipstick and embarked on a long walk to the gravestone. 

When we arrived there was a huge group of people surrounding the tomb, and I got super self-conscious. 
When we got closer there was a lady that was openly expressing how appauled she was about the defacing of Oscar's tombstone. 

Cue me awkwardly trying to hide my lips and paying my respects and getting out of the situation. 

I didn't get to kiss Oscar that day but I am super pumped that I got to see it. In a kind of morbid way. 
So that's pretty sweet. 

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