Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July

Sweatshirt $35 and Shirt $45: J.Crew//Pants: Gap $59//Shoes: Vans $60//Purse: Urban Outfitters $68//Sunglasses: Ray Ban $139// Jacket: Loft $35
 This was our first day in Munich and let me tell you.... It was cold.
Like, not 60-but-it's-summer-so-i'm-cold cold but like 45 degrees.

We took the train from Paris to Munich over night and when we arrived I was wearing a dress and jean jacket. It was so cold that I had to pile all of my clothes on to brave our trekking.
I bought these Vans before my trip as a way to have decent walking shoes without having to bring shape-ups. 

It's love. 

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