Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Totally Tuesday

Wow, as summer has started coming to a close I really haven't been carrying my weight in the outfit pictures department. I'm sorry, I assure you that I am getting dressed and not beginning a life of nudism (however, have I ever told you that my neighbors a nudist..... awkward).

 I have been spending time with family and friends, looking for a job and reading like a mad woman. Speaking of which have you checked out my current finished reading list?! I finished "The Art of Racing in the Rain" this morning, and loathed every second of it. Definitely would not recommend.

But anyways on to my Totally Tuesday list.  

 {One}: I am a proud owner of this new J. Crew dress. I cannot wait to style it up!
{Two}: I took my niece to her first 3-D movie: The Smurfs. 
{Three}: This is my friend, Katie, showing how she restyled my mothers baggy sweatshirt into a chic pullover. I was like a proud momma. 

 {Four}: My niece and nephew playing this weekend.
{Five}: The fireplace on our deck in the mountains, such a relaxing place to be. 
{Six}: My cat is a sociopath. This is what he does to toilet paper (but he's not limited to just tp, books, papers, checks, he knows no limits).

{Seven}: A conversation between my roommate and I about an impending date. This is why she and I are friends. 

I went back on forth on what I felt about this article, ultimately it is something that every woman should read. But beware it is a little vulgar.

This warmed my heart and soul. 

I'm about thisclose to buying these wedges.

If you were really curious I'm saving all my pennies to buy me this little bike for commuting (and have been for months, I'm a terrible saver, especially when I don't have a job). We spent the weekend trying on helmets that will make me look cool.

How's everybody's week going? 

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