Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Look

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I have been thinking a lot about getting new glasses. Sean got new glasses when we first started dating per my recommendation of going through Warby Parker, with the attainability of glasses anymore, it's foolish (in my opinion) to go to a store and get duped into spending over your budget for designer glasses. Especially for me since it's only been almost three years since I got my last pair of glasses.

The moral of that story being my home try-on glasses came in the mail today. The pair I was most excited about (the green ones), left much to be desired and all the other ones looked so small on my face. What does it mean? Do I have a man-sized face. I think they're all going back and I'll stick with my old glasses for now, but I did love getting the mail!

Also this post wouldn't be complete without explaining the other new look around here. Same URL, different name. I was looking for something a little less personal style blog-gy and a little more lifestyle blog-gy. Thus: The Bean and Bear is up and running, hopefully here to stay and more posts than ever. I am going to make a sincere effort to charge up that camera and not leave you with shotty cell phone pictures of my cat.

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