Wednesday, August 15, 2012



Before I moved Sean came to town so we could get our engagement pictures done. There was a lot of discussion about what we wanted our pictures "to be". Me, being the type A "everything-must-be-perfect" and Sean being a type A with a side of artsy, we both had different ideas of what perfect would look like. revertphoto-kenz-sean-29

Sean wanted to throw literally anything at me: paint, balloons, butter. Okay that last one might have been a stretch, but seriously. He wanted to have fun with them. We worked together to make sure that we both could have what we wanted, and when my brother sent back the final results, I was amazed by how much I loved both sets of pictures. I even texted Sean saying "My face is literally melting with the awesomeness!!!"

I look at the pictures now, and I'm so thankful that we have them (but part of me doesn't want to share the awesomeness with anybody), and it makes me even more excited for our wedding pictures.
revertphoto-kenz-sean-132 revertphoto-kenz-sean-41revertphoto-kenz-sean-68

What do you think is better for engagement pictures? We had some friends recently get theirs done and they're so serious, which kind of makes ours look really goofy. Obviously there's no right way to have your engagement pictures done, but what have you seen that you liked? Hated?revertphoto-kenz-sean-74

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