Wednesday, June 6, 2012

24x24: Successfully Complete the Whole30: Days 1-3 Whole 30

Day 1: Fruit smoothie, peach, almonds, larabar, bacon, apple w/Adams Natural peanut butter, tomatoes in apple cider vinegar, spaghetti squash w/ YaYa's Sauce
Day 2: Fruit smoothie, peach, almonds, larabar, bacon, apple mixed greens with ginger lime dressing, sirloin steak, sweet potato, mixed steamed veggies.
Day 3: Fruit smoothie, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, larabar, cashews, mixed fruit, spaghetti squash with coconut-lime curry and cashews, bacon.

Wow, my first three days are over! I learned that smoothies are the most amazing breakfast choice I can make. Things swiss chard goes bad in about three days, and it's not that hard to eat healthy even when I want to come home and "veg" (get it!?). Yesterday I felt awful and today I'm pretty emotional, but otherwise my body hasn't reacted the way I thought it would... yet...

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