Friday, May 25, 2012

23x23: Recap


1. Read 50 books: I worked my butt off to try and finish this list. In the end I only read 43 of the 50, which isn't bad considering I was working full-time and going to school, I think that's not too shabby. 
2. Try 5 foods I thought I hated: This was the easiest one of all, I thought that trying food I thought I hated would be hard, but there was a certain mindset knowing that I had to do it, so I got brave and tried a lot of the foods that I didn't know I liked. I actually like the salmon!
3.  Try absinthe: Ew. 
4.  Eat raw for a month: Didn't happen, I realized early on in the project that items that would take a month to finish would be hard for me. 
5. Go tv-less for a month: Since I don't watch T.V. often it was hard to gauge this list item. I still watched T.V. but it was only one or twice a week. I mean New Girl watching has to happen. 
6. Write a legitimate piece of fan mail: I had the best intentions of finishing this list item, but I couldn't decide who I should write to, somebody I respect, like to listen to, should it be serious or funny? In the end I just didn't do it. 
7. Go to a haunted house (and not pee my pants): This was Sean and I's first date night and I was pacing around and sweating uncontrollably, and my nerves actually freaked him out!
8. Attend a football game at my high school: This didn't happen, I thought it'd be easy but it turns out that I'm in no rush to get back to my high school. 
9. Run a(nother) 10k: I wanted to do this so bad, but multiple foot/ankle injuries made running impossible from almost January to today. 
10. Visit a winery: I put this on my list not remembering that I had already visited a winery after my 22nd birthday in Austria. 
11. Spend no money (other than bills) for one month: After a busy December I was left feeling broke and had to figure out how to pay off my credit cards and still save money for normal expenses. While it wasn't intentional, I didn't spend any money for a month. 
12. Try a dance aerobics class (zumba or 24 hour fitness has a club beatz (I kid you not)): Didn't happen. I just hate dancing. 
13. In reference to #10, stomp on grapes to help the wine making process (just doin' my part): This is actually harder to find a place to do this than I thought. 
14. Go camping: Another year and this didn't happen. Can't say I'm sad about that. 
15. Go on a blind date: This was one of the first things that I knocked off the list, it was fun, I learned a lot. 
16. Bake a cake.... from scratch: After a whole day of juicing an obscene amount of lemons I was left with a sweet lemon cake that was too rich to eat. 
17. Go to a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing (you know, the ones with the audience interaction): I had the best intentions of doing this and did try, but there was too many malfunctions with the movie that we ended up leaving way early. 
18. Try Bubble Tea: I didn't love the taste of the boba balls, but more and more I am putting some in my frozen yogurt!
19. Shoot off a fire extinguisher: Most exhilarating moment of my life. Sean and I set a small forest fire and then I got to extinguish it. 
20. Take a cooking class: Sean and I's second date, he planned it all by himself and it left me trying things I never thought I would. It really was so much fun. 
21. See the Grand Canyon: Didn't happen, which is sad, but there is still time. 
22. Have my fortune told (While I don't believe an ounce of it, I still am curious!): I thought it was a bunch of baloney but we were so nervous before we had it done! Rachel, my roommate, had a freaky reading that was too accurate. 
23. Attend a gallery opening.: This was one that I didn't know how I was going to accomplish it, but a date night that included a first Friday seemed like a good compromise. 

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