Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Totally Tuesday

In an effort to make this blog a little more well-rounded I have decided to introduce a little Tuesday segment in which we will look at what I've been loving lately and maybe some outtakes, insta's or whatever I feel like!

Remember when we got Beau? He's so huge now! And though 
he is pretty naughty (that's my wallet in his mouth!) I do 
like him around. 

I was on my way to dinner and movie the other night when my car started
overheating! So stressed out I pulled over and some men helped me out. 

In the end the car needed to go to the shop, luckily there was a Mexican
restaurant next door so I could have a margarita while I waited for rides!

I'm hiking these two mountains on Saturday! I've hiked one before, and without snow they're much less intimidating. 

This is my cat (the white one) and my mom's cat fighting like the do every night. 

Snowbee being adorable. 

My books waiting to be read.... have you checked out my 
23x23 yet!?

In case all of these pictures didn't tip you off, here is my desktop and my cat. I'm a little obsessed. 
Ombre Nails
I tried this effect with my nails, and it turned out pretty cool!

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